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We are a dental exclusive talent acquisition firm working with organizations nationwide.  We recognize that great talent is essential in all successful organizations.  Our primary recruitment objective is to help you build the teams that will drive lasting achievement.

With 50 combined years in the dental industry, we have developed a national database of sales team members, managers, and executives. We stay engaged and are in ongoing dialogue with the brightest, most accomplished professionals.

You won’t find these people on a job board. Job boards don’t find great candidates, Dental Team Finder does!

3 Easy Steps To Find Your Next Best Hire!

Step 1

  • Educate our team on the dynamics of your organization via our online Company Profile located just below on this page
  • Give us a picture of your best performers. The more we know about your best people the better equipped we are to find the best candidates the first time!

Step 2

  • We strategically determine what resources to implement to find the best candidates.
  • Search our global database and source for only the candidates that match your detailed profile
  • Thoroughly screen and assess each candidate’s skills and cultural fit.  Phone & web-based interview for each candidate
  • Contact professional references and complete a background screening

Step 3


  • Present only candidates that have the technical and functional proficiencies required for your position
  • Expertly facilitate the negotiation process
  • Seek feedback on candidates early performance
  • 90-Day Guarantee

Executive Client/Company Profile Form

  • Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly complete our Sales Client Profile Form. The more detailed information that you provide, the more successful we will be in searching for your ideal candidate(s) and save time in obtaining your hiring goal as efficiently as possible. Please feel free to provide any additional information not included on this form that would help us be successful for you.
  • Company Information

    If you have multiple roles that you are hiring for, we need a separate completed Profile Form for each role.
  • Hiring Manager/Direct Contact Person

    If different from Authorized Representative
    It is crucial that our team has access to the hiring manager to solicit feedback on candidates interviewed
  • Background

  • Role Details

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Compensation and Benefits

  • If yes, please add the quantity below
  • Ideal Candidate

  • Important Note

    Please list the candidates that you have interviewed/rejected in the past 12 months
    Important: This information will keep us from spending time recruiting the wrong candidates. Please note that if a candidate is not on this list, he/she cannot be excluded from your Dental Team Finder contractual obligation and placement fee. We require an example offer letter and company policy maual (electronic).

Dental Team Finder is an invaluable resource!!!! They have made it such a breeze to staff my team with more a more qualified team than I could have ever hoped for. Their extensive vetting process has allowed us to find such amazing people quickly. Thank you and we will continue to utilize you for all of our recruiting needs.

Tierney Maldonado
Dental Monitoring