The Most Important Tactics To Help Your Team Perform Their Best

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Sometimes we feel like we have tried everything to motivate our employees, and by everything that just may mean incentives OR it may mean that you REALLY did try everything. If that is the case and your team member or employee is still lacking that motivation or they just can’t seem to perform their best than DO NOT WORRY…because we got you covered! Keith let’s us know what really matters and how to convert these B player employees into A players.

This episode is jam packed with so much wonderful information that, honestly, no one seems to talk about…. but should! We break down the “top line” and the “bottom line”. This is SO important to keep in mind because you always want to manage the “top line” and not obsess about the “bottom line”, most times dentist and business owners tend to do it backwards! We also break down the definition of a good team member and why you need to have this definition in writing and engraved into your dental practice’s culture! Keith and I also, of course, discuss how to deal with employees who are NOT performing their best as well.

Keith is actually one of the pioneers of Invisalign! Which I think is SO fascinating and he tells us a brief history of his time their when it was just starting up!

Keith started his career in dentistry back in 1994 as a Sales Representative for Brasseler USA where he spent 6 years until he transitioned over to Align Technology, Inc. (makers of Invisalign®). Align Technology was a very exciting position for him,  getting to usher in a revolutionary product and a new technology for straightening teeth. Keith became a Regional Manager in 2007 and that is where he found his love of coaching and leadership. He always envisioned himself as a coach and when it happened, it made a huge impact in his world and for the company.

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