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Start with Top Line Sales Goals

Dental Team Finder specializes in building sales teams for dental manufacturer and service providers. We enjoy working with dental and orthodontic related businesses at every stage of their growth and size. Each business is unique and we like to start with understanding your top line goals. When assessing goals, we can determine the best path to follow to build a team that fits your near-term goals. When you begin working with Dental Team Finder we will ask a few questions about your current sales force. It is important to know the average production of your salespeople, and then determine how many more sales people we can hire to provide proper coverage. Good salespeople more than pay for their compensation package, but we must hire with realistic expectations on how many reps the market demands.

Help Established Companies Re-Build

Every established company has a natural cycle of expansion, and contraction, of their sales force. Recently, the global pandemic was a catalyst event that forced many dental and orthodontic businesses to cut costs and reduce head count. Now we are seeing a recovery in the dental business, and some of these businesses are looking to slowly rebuild. Technology has allowed salespeople to conduct video calls and virtual trainings with their customers. In many cases this means each rep is traveling less and may be able to cover a larger territory. We make highly strategic hires for companies in rebuild mode. We’ll want to first define the qualities that make your ideal sales representative. Skills assessment tools are used to evaluate candidates to ensure they match your ideals and, more importantly, are a good fit for your company culture.

Even Industry Leaders Have Natural Turnover

Dental Team Finder works well with mature corporations in the dental space. Even the most admired dental and manufacturer service providers have employee turnover. When you hire premium talent, you can expect new competitive offers might pull a percentage of your team away every year. A normal turnover rate for industry leaders is 10% per year. Turnover above 25% is a concern and is worth assessing further. We work with your business development team, and human resources, to perform analysis of your turnover. Are your sales targets too high? Is your base salary too low? Are incentives out of reach? Answers to these questions will allow us to provide a fairness opinion on your total package to ensure your premier salespeople become long term contributors to your business success.

Communication at Every Step

Dental Team Finder wants to hear from you. What are your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? What is your near term and long-term vision of success? Once we are aligned with your goals then the recruiting and hiring process becomes efficient and successful. We communicate with your team every step of the way and will be there for you from the first interview, to the offer and on-boarding of new hires. We can help your dental manufacturer and service provider build an ultimate sales team that will take your company to the next level!


Do you have questions on building your sales team? We suggest you first schedule a complimentary coaching session with Dental Team Finder’s president, Keith McLachlan. During your call Keith can cover:

• Learn How To Hire the Best Salespeople, Executives & Business Builders

• Tips on Interviews, Reference Checks & Making Offers

• How to Scale Up Your Team for Growth

• When You Should Expand Your Sales Team Coverage

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