How To Make An Executive Job Change Within A Tight-Knit Industry

Making an executive job change within a tight-knit sector or community, such as the dental industry, can be challenging. At Dental Team Finders, we help executives make those transitions within the dental industry every day. But these principles can be used across all industries within close communities.


How can an executive make a job change within a tight knit sector, like dental?


·         Work on your network within the dental space. Reach out to your former colleagues frequently to check-in on things in their career. Phone and in-person conversations are great for being able to share your career goals.

·         Prioritize your LinkedIn profile. Update your current role and accolades. Ask for recommendations. Endorse your peers. Provide value on LinkedIn with your industry knowledge. Join LinkedIn groups with your career interest focus.

·         Update your resume and references. Stay in contact with your references and inform them ahead of a reference check call.

·         Have a conversation with a trusted recruiter. Describe your career goals. The recruiter will seek out opportunities for you.

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